A wide range of classes offered at Lafayette consider the ways culture, politics, and social forces shape, and are shaped by, science and technology.

FYS 141 Math and Social Justice

FYS 075 Technological Citizenship

FYS 102 Color: A History of Making and Meaning

WGS 250 Gender and STEM

WGS 260 Technologies of Violence

EGRS 191 Engineering in Global and Societal Context (interim)

EGRS 220/AFS 220 Race and Technology (new SP 22)

EGRS 281 Historical Studies in Engineering and Society

EGRS 373 Technology and Nature

EGRS 451 Engineering and Society

ES 252/AMS 252 Engineering America

ART 334 Leonardo da Vinci: Between Art and Science

ENGL 247 Nature Writing

ENGL 351 Environmental Writing

PHIL 235 Philosophy of Technology (F 22)

PSYC 226 Human Factors and Engineering Psychology

CLSS 335: Roman Technology and Engineering

CS 200 Computers and Society

A&S 201 Culture and the Environment

A&S 222 Medical Anthropology

A&S 226 Race, Racism, and Health in the U.S.

A&S 231 Anthropology of Education: Education, Culture, Society

A&S 235 Business and Society

A&S 236 Sociology of Knowledge

A&S 249 End of the World as We Knew It: Climate Disaster and Society

A&S 258 Anthropology of Violence

A&S 259 Sociology of Disaster

A&S 262 Health in the Life Course Perspective?

A&S 266 Social Determinants of Health